Our History

  The European Accreditation Network has been created by Qualeetys sprl, a start-up that provides strategic vision about CPD in Europe. Composed of experts in EU , IT and financial Affairs, Qualeetys developped the Accreditation procedure and criteria in close cooperation with its partners.
E.A.N was initiated in november 2014 but formally launched in November 2015. By the beginning of 2016, the E.A.N will start accrediting educational activities for specialist nurses but possibly to other health professionals

Our Vision

  The E.A.N is a network of professional organisations that share the same vision that accreditation contributes to improve the quality of CPD and positivetly impact health professionals practice and competence. The E.A.N encourages partnerships with existing accreditation systems and considers that cooperation is better than stand-alone initiatives. Cooperation and compatibility with other accreditation system is the basis of E.A.N accreditation system. Multisectoral, interprofessional and European accreditation are key principles that underpins the E.A.N

Our Future

  Nowadays, evaluation and quality control is essential to reinforce trust in health professionals. The E.A.N considers that the quality of Educational activities is essential and contributes to improve competence and practices of health professionals. It is the E.A.N belief that simply attending congresses or taking part in scientific meetings cannot by themselves keep up-to-date health professionals competence.
Innovative educational activities are emerging in the healthcare setting and should also comply with the same quality criteria as regular educational activities. The E.A.N criteria and procedure has been designed to allow flexibility and adapt to these innovations. Accreditation has to follow the route of innovation or else, it will be doomed to disappear.