Accreditation procedure

  ACCREDITATION PROCESS:  The European Accreditation Network provides for accreditation of educational activities having a European dimension. Accreditation is the process through which the EAN delivers a certificate to an organiser of educational activity assessing that this activity complies with the quality criteria lain down in the Accreditation Book.

Download the accreditation book

  ACCREDITATION CRITERIA:  The E.A.N has developped 5 clusters of criteria that serve to benchmark the educational activity. As a result, in order to be successfully accredited by E.A.N, any educational activiy should:

  •  have defined learning objectives
  •  be participant-centred
  •  be provided by expert trainers
  •  focused on quality
  •  transparent

  The E.A.N accreditation process lasts one month. Once request for accreditation have been received, an eligibility check is performed by Qualeetys. If all the information provided is correct, then the request is sent for evaluation to 3 E.A.N evaluators. Once all evaluators have performed their evaluation, Qualeetys finalises the accreditation report and issue the letter of accreditation or rejection together with the accreditation report.